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Volume 3 Cacoon (tax)

We all know what a monster tax can be, and on top of it all, the handbook is a beast itself. Defer your pain of having to carefully carry your handbook around and treat yourself to a Cacoon that protects your handbook and flags and makes you feel like a special inclusion!

With the finest quality materials, and precision craftsmanship, we introduce to you: The king of Deductions! The Prince of Exemptions! The Volume 3 Cacoon!

University is taxing enough, let us help make it easier.

Never worry again about cradling your handbooks to protect the flags! Simply put the Cacoon in your bag, and worry about what really matters: university! Your handbook will sit snug inside the Cacoon and your flags will be safe regardless of whether you're walking, running or even flying!

Made of a light-weight, yet durable wood, this Cacoon weighs in at a little over 750 grams! Making it far lighter than the Tax Legislation handbook!
Do your future-self a favour!

*SAICA Volume 3 Handbook Not Included 


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Proudly South African supporting local businesses.


Elegant Design

Every Cacoon is derived from the same elegant design.



We source the best materials to give you an incredibly useful product.

Our Values

We want to develop and use our capabilities to create real, sustainable, and superior value for our customers.

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